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A grand choose-your-own-adventure in a fantasy settings. The results of your choices will be decided by the roll of a die... just do me a favor? make sure you can always CLEARLY SEE the result on the die. Trust me, you're better off that way.

May contain ninja squirrels.


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This was really cool and different! The first time I rolled the dice I couldn't see where it landed because one of the characters was in the way and the DM was like "yeah it's totally a 1." I love the idea of each party member providing a dialogue option too! I did two playthroughs that were wildly different from each other because of what party members I did and did not injure.

I think the only thing really holding you back is graphics and (the lack of) sound. It seems like this was a jam game so if you spent some time refining what's already there I think you can turn this good game into a great one!

Thanks for showing me this!

thanks! I kinda wanted the graphics to be iffy because this needs to feel like a very crappy rpg. The lack of sound is a problem.. I had to scope down HARD on this.

Do you need help with sound design? I am a composer/programmer/awesome person if you need anything!

Are you asking about future stuff? Sure. I'll check stuff you made if you have any

Sure! I am on my work computer right now, so I can only give you a youtube clip of a game jam I did the music and sound for last year. I can put together a portfolio for you as well. Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPZh1oLY9Y4. It's nothing fancy cause ... you know... game jam time crunch... but it was fun.


that sounds awesome!


you got discord?