BIG NEWS: Dialogue Box: The Road Less Traveled - is out for free on steam

All you want to do is watch your favorite streamer,  but the website has other ideas.

Click the box to start. 

Hold down the mouse button to speed up text.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags2D, Comedy, Short


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well alot of people say i am not a robot playeing games . here is the prof i am a robot being a noob at a game.

well I hope you at least had fun.

By the way how did you even find this game! 


i am not a robot 

is what i looked for to find some help or how to make myself better.

How do you pass level 3?

I don't remember I made it 4 years ago. Is it the one with the long password?

Ill Check and than explain it to you if I tell you what it is would you be able to tell me how to beat it? And Can you check the Game for your Answers. Also Do the colors Matter? 

There is one puzzle where the colors matter and you need to put the blue letters

Ha! I didn't think I would be completing captcha tests for entertainment. Great work, very funny!

Life is full of surprises. Thanks 😊


The writing is good. You should consider making the text progress via some kind of input. Take a look at text adventures and JRPGs which wait for input from the player before proceeding. This means that people who are fast readers aren't bored waiting on your animation catching up, and allows slow-readers to take their time. Also it means I can take the game at my own pace, I can read a line and go make a cup of tea or something and come back without worrying about missing dialogue.


Honestly, you are right, I thought about adding it and got lazy. After the jam I might make some adjustments such as controling text speed or letting you move back and forth, but I'm not gonna make changes today. 

Thank you for the feedback!


Good game.

Thank you very much


you are very welcome, some bits made me chuckle.