The dark cannot be trusted. The light cannot be relied upon.

Controls: W-A-S-D to move, mouse to aim and shoot. R reloads manually.

Sound by GuiNovi

Made for the 2019 Scream Jam

Special thanks to Brackeys YouTube channel for these amazing tutorials!

Top down shooting:

2D ligthting:

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Q: I got something stuck in a place where I can't move it anymore.

A: Try to move away from that area and come back later. Something may appear to give it a nudge ;)

Q: I don't understand how much health I have.

A: You will die in 3 hits, but if you manage to spend enough time without getting hit at all, you will recover those hits back.

Q: I don't know the answer to a puzzle.

A: The game is themed around light, and so are the puzzles.

StatusIn development
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsTomerssh, GuiNovi
GenreAction, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsHalloween, Horror, Top down shooter

Development log


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So how do I pick up these shiny thingies ? I can only shoot at them and it makes a sound. Also I think the game is way too dark; I have to shoot all the time to see where I'm going.

shooting them is the point. Getting lost in the dark is also the point. I guess this game isn't exactly fun :)

I gave it another try and I managed to find the puzzle this time and understand how the switches work. But in the end, I failed to figure it out and I didn't have the patience to walk back again and again to the switches. Nevertheless, the mechanic of only being able to see in flashes of light is interesting and full of potential, and the audio ambiance combined with the ever present threat of a mob mauling you from the dark kept me on my toes.

Thank you for the feedback!


10/10 would wander around lost for 20 minutes again

I saw that. That was more than 20 minutes. Good job on breaking the map!