While Arin is busy having a meltdown over Ross's levels in "Sonic Maker 2: Defective Boogaloo", Dan is having a nice chat with his dad, Avi. Problem is, not everything Avi says makes sense. Your job is to figure out what he means and keep the conversation going by responding accordingly.

Art: Arhyns'Shween

Programming & Writing: tomerssh

Sound Effects from 

HTN4Ever- https://freesound.org/people/HTN4ever/sounds/240943/


Special thanks to Potatoes Are Not Explosive for hosting this game jam:


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This is really lovely! Very well made~


This game is in the Game Grumps Cannon


Thanks! I don't think it counts as cannon tho.

Honestly even if they played it, you could asked them about it 6 months later and they wouldn't remember 😁