A downloadable game for Windows

This should be experienced by no one.

This should not even count as a game.

My entry for the #GamesThatShouldntBe game jam - it's just a video of me walking around but it pauses unless you tap the left and right keys to keep me walking.

* Almost lifelike graphics

* Heavy breathing

* Bushes

* 2+ failed attempts to befriend a stray cat

* Shaky camera

* Man these birds are loud

* Some street signs

* A box where you can get free bags to pick up dog poo with except the box is out of bags

Game will only be available on April 1st and will cost 1$ (as per the jam rules).

I hope you enjoy. No refunds.


WalkSimulator.zip 506 MB

Install instructions

Unzip all files.

Run WalkingSim.exe.

Development log


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Appreciate the auto walk and variable speeds.



Lol yea that's from the old "if you need it during testing offer it to the players as well" rule of thumb. Thanks for playing!