Welcome To Earth - save the human race without leaving you desk chair

Made for the 2019 ink jam.

Ink let's you create branching story lines and manage complex narrative in your game.

It was surprisingly intuitive. In fact, if you look at my previous games, most of them would have benefited from it.

Welp, better late than never I guess.

This was a testing ground, but I like the end result.

I think I will use it more in the future, but I might clone it and make a few changes of my own.

Yes, it's open source. You can tinker with it too!

As for the game itself: your job is to decide who gets to enter Earth and who doesn't. This is a difficult decision, as the Earth's population in on the brink of extinction after long wars. On one hand you need new allies, on the other every risk you bring bin could spell disaster.

My girlfriend did an awesome job with the story, tho I take full credit for the lame jokes 😋

If you are interested in how I used Ink, and how it's different creating a similar system manually (as I did fir ehhdan, I am not a robot, and this lair is a mage) - reach out! I'll gladly share the process.

And yes, the art is crap still. 

I still have 7 more gamejams to go this year, so if you can draw better and want to help, I'm totally on board.


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Sep 21, 2019

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