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If you're here from greystillplays and you see this, consider this a gift... and a sneak peak

Deleted 2 years ago

Are you using a phone or tablet?

a windows 7.

can you play other unity web games?

Yes, they work.

Also i am using chrome, i have unity web player installed, and my internet is really fast, i'm in brazil, hope some of this information helps.

I uploaded a new version that should work in your phone, I'll make another that can be downloaded as well


Is there a way to win this game






let X in, but talk to him first. That's the only hint I'll give you 😁


X will ask what ship they are in so.....


He trusts what you say, truth or not. You can utilize it.

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talk to him about classified when you let graeson in

Edit: and also you can follow these steps

Approve Jazon Rodneye
Approve Joe H. Smith
Approve Graesen Graezzon
Deny Daniel Peterson
Ask X their target, approve him, then give him the info of Smith