Dialogue Box - The road less traveled: Demo is out!

Surprise! A new demo has  dropped!

This one was a slow cooker of a project.

In this game you will try to navigate though a whimsical journey while pulling hairs. The controls are extremely unintuitive and the humor is cheesy to a fault. I am a great salesman.

The original idea was part of a game jam I did AGES ago. The core mechanics were fun but the package it was wrapped it was... cringe? let's leave it at that.

I revisited it a while ago and decided it deserved a new incarnation. A few months later and here we are!

Tougher challenges, better graphics, music by people who actually know how to make it, a story slowly unfolding and even some fun secrets for the absolute madlads and madlasses that will bother to look for them.

I hope you won't hate me by the time you reach the other side.

Have fun! and if you can spare a minute, let me know what you think in the comments.



DialogBox_v1_demo.zip 71 MB
Feb 17, 2021

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